Favorable employment basin

Finding a skilled and suitable workforce is essential to meet production challenges in any activity. The proximity of the metropolis of Tours Loire Valley, of a university centre with qualifying and varied trainings, the dynamic environment of Touraine… are assets that have already attracted some major companies from the industry or logistics sectors to set up at ISOPARC Business Park or nearby.

350,000 inhabitants around ISOPARC:

Well integrated with its natural environment, ISOPARC is located in the local council community Touraine Vallée de l'Indre at the gates of the metropolis of Tours Loire Valley. This attractive local council community gains each year many inhabitants.

The age pyramid of the area is almost identical to that of France and enables logisticians or economic operators that choose ISOPARC to find a suitable and qualified workforce.

More than 175,000 people between the ages of 20 and 59 live within 15 minutes of ISOPARC.

30,000 students and qualifying and diversified trainings:

25,000 students at the University François Rabelais of Tours (source L'Étudiant - 05/2017)
Technical colleges and many “grandes écoles“ also provide trainings in numerous sectors:

- Management: ESCEM
- Engineering: Polytech Tours
- Graphic Art: École supérieure des beaux-arts de Tours, École Brassart
- Journalism: École Publique de Journalisme de Tours
- Hotel trade, tourism, aesthetics and cosmetology, paramedical, logistics…

A wide range of specialized trainings, adapted to the different profiles and to each sector. Transactions, tourism and trade with Europe and the world are particularly developed in the different teachings, which are based on the network training/companies, to provide a concrete answer to the recruitments needs.

An attractive territory:

An area of attractive activity for several reasons, a skilled and dense workforce and a cost-of-living under control.

The department of Indre-et-Loire is also a source of skilled and graduated workforce. For example, 4,000 people travel daily to Paris with the TGV to work, for lack of local opportunities matching with their ambitions.

A territory also attractive in terms of real estate, because although the increase of the volume transactions and despite the arrival of the high-speed railway line (LGV), of the train line and the new status of metropolis, prices are still moderate. The average price per square meter for old properties in the metropolis of Tours Loire Valley is €2,080 according to the President of the Chamber of Notaires of Indre-et-Loire (source: Les Echos Patrimoine - 09/2017).
The local council community Touraine Vallée de l’Indre also supports the establishment of new inhabitants with human-size real estate projects and quality facilities (gymnasium, swimming pool, schools ...).

Personalized support:

To assist you in your recruitments, the territory of Touraine is equipped with adapted structures to facilitate your process like the Chamber of Commerce and Industry but also departmental or local structures.

For example, P.I.S.E or “Point Information Service Emploi“, this structure composed of nearly 200 partner companies from the “Val de l'Indre Employment Area“, provides a close service to employers and job seekers and answers your questions concerning employment or human resources management.

More than 2,500 employees:

About twenty companies are already established at ISOPARC or nearby.

AG2R, La Mondiale, nearby - Retirement & patrimonial protection

ATER, nearby - Recovery, financial investigations

BML - GROUPE NIVET, ISOPARC - Concrete plants and aggregates trading

Cartonnerie OUDIN, nearby - Cardboard manufacturing and trading

CEA, nearby - research and development on material

Cloche d'Or, nearby - Cheese & dairy products

DERET Fashion, nearby - Logistics centre

DOMAINE DE THAIS, ISOPARC - Hospitality, catering, seminars

DUBOIS SA, ISOPARC - Public works

Esvres Matriçage, nearby - Matriçage and machining of non-ferrous metals

HL DISPLAY, ISOPARC - Logistics centre


LA POSTE, ISOPARC - Regional mail sorting office

LIDL, ISOPARC - Logistics centre

RECIPHARM, nearby - Pharmaceutical speciality

S.T.A.L., ISOPARC - Chartering, logistics and transport company

TLD EUROPE, ISOPARC - World leader in airport assistance equipment

TOURAINE AGREGATS, ISOPARC - Sand and gravel trade

VEOLIA EAU, ISOPARC - Administrative centre…

ISOPARC, a quantitative and qualitative employment area suitable to the development of your business project.

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