Qualitative environment

The current model of industrial area has shown its limits. Nowadays, a business park must have a positive impact on the environment, limit energy consumption, help exchanges of services, goods and information between companies and take into account the well-being of the people who work there daily.
ISOPARC is in this process and has already organised various solutions to meet the economic and environmental challenges of the 21st century.

Environmental management:

This approach takes into account the economic, social and environmental qualities of ISOPARC, in order to welcome you in the best conditions and help the development of your business. It has 2 aims, pooling and making easier services for companies and improving employees' well-being at work.

ISOPARC, is part of this approach, it is located in a landscaped area and the park development plan provides for the preservation of wet and sensitive areas.

The Park has set up a lot of sustainable fittings and facilities at the service of the companies:

• Multi-activities park
• Very high-speed through optical fibre and 4G
• Rain water and waste water treatment under control
• Energy-saving lighting
• Convenient signage
• Collection of waste...
• NGV* and hydrogen Station*
• Security and fire system
• Member of the PALME Charter
• Certification ISO 14001
• Equipped meeting rooms...

and services for the employees:

• Companies day-nursery
• Concierge service*
• Gym Hall*
• Public transport
• Inter-companies restaurant
• Leisure park
• Cycle paths...

PALME Charter:

The aim of the PALME Association is to improve the quality of economic activity territories, as part of global territorial strategies for sustainable development. It assists them towards the energy and ecological transition, towards the obtaining of certification (ISO 14001) relying on the different experiences.

The key words of the PALME Association are:

• Cooperate to participate in the improvement of the quality of sustainable economic activities areas
• Pool to share a range of services in favor of all companies
• Capitalise to bring together experiences and knowledge to the advantage of all companies and to ensure the relationship between them

ISOPARC is a member of the PALME Association and has as ambition to develop the "network spirit" within resident companies and the culture of innovation.

Certification ISO 14001:

For companies, organisations, business parks... it is the reference in terms of environmental issues because it enables to:

• Manage water and energy consumption better
• Improve waste recycling or repurposing
• Reduce the use of raw materials
• Improve the environmental process
• Take into account emergency circumstances
• Reduce expenses and control the budgets…

ISOPARC has already obtained the ISO 14001 certification, official recognition of the park commitment and good practices in favor of the environment.

To settle in ISOPARC means choosing a quality environment in a business park (logistics, production, services ...) in direct connection to Europe, at the gates of the metropolis of Tours Loire Valley in France.

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